About Us

Meadow Gold has been putting wholesome, nutritious – and delicious – food and beverages on Hawai‘i's tables since 1897. Our company has withstood the test of time as Hawai‘i became a U.S. territory; played a vital role in World War II; became the 50th state; saluted the sacrifices of its sons and daughters who fought in the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf wars; and now struggles along with the rest of our country as we resist world terrorism.

Meadow Gold's long history has not come without effort. We continually adapt to our customers' and consumers' ever-changing needs, and we constantly evolve along with our industry, our community and our market. Over the years, this has required that we struggle, tighten our belts, innovate and work extremely hard, making us a better company in the process.

Fortunately, our company and our employees have approached each challenge with dignity and integrity. We owe our company's longevity, achievements and strength to the thousands of employees, present and past, who have dedicated heart and soul to the success of Meadow Gold. It is they who established the solid foundation on which we continue to build and expand, enabling us to offer superior-quality products to our loyal customers.

Every one of our employees has contributed to our company's history of fortitude and perseverance. Meadow Gold's core values of outstanding quality, integrity and honesty, caring, and continuous improvement are a reflection of and testament to their efforts. We are determined that the legacy that our forebears began building more than a century ago will endure for generations to come.